Recently, the exposure on the network a whole new generation Range Rover unfeigned latest spy pictures, the new car will be released this summer debut. And this group of spy photos also confirmed previous exposure Rover renderings of authenticity. As these spy photos we can see, the new Range Rover car prototype almost no camouflage, but is still used in critical parts of color camouflage to cover up. Range Rover clamshell hood on the car survived, but now has become more mellow. The most major part is the shape of the headlights from the spy photos you can clearly see the changes in the overall shape 4 cylinder 3.0 turbocharger of the headlights at the outer headlamp is no longer square, but with a little backwards flying wing design and Aurora headlight is very similar. The rear lights have the same shape, it appears before the exposure of renderings and the real car is really close. The design of the upgrade which will help make Range Rover in appearance consistent with the aurora and other recently introduced models. The new Range Rovers rear door now become longer, more convenient access to the occupant, while the rear seat space is also greater. The body of relevant information and related information before little change, aluminum chassis, lighter than the current model nissan Z33 coilovers will be 500 kg, which will effectively reduce the fuel consumption of new cars. It is reported that the new Range Rover will be the first to launch a special edition of the flagship model, which adds a lot of security configuration, such as traction control, blind spot detection system, lane departure warning system, night vision assist and automatic braking system. Engine choices include a 4.4 liters will remain the TDV8 engine Toyota Coilovers and a 5.0 liters supercharged V8 engine, while the new Range Rover will introduce a lightweight hybrid will use an electric motor and gearbox connected together. Jaguar F-Type 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine is also expected to join the Range Rovers engine lineup.