Concrete mixer coolant change the way    

The main function of the mixer coolant is the heat generated during operation of the engine promptly dissipated, therefore, good thermal conductivity is a basic requirement for the mixer coolant. Ltd. in Hubei and summer music director of automotive service said the general concrete mixer coolant replacement cycle in about four years, in the course of a single should regularly check the coolant mixer, check should be carried out when the engine is at room temperature This is not only accurate, but also safe.        Usually about four years to replace       There are many types of mixer coolant, currently used by more coolant is glycol-type mixer, ethylene glycol and soft water mixed in different proportions from.

Maintenance concrete mixer commonly braking device

Towards the end of autumn, winter is imminent, concrete mixer used to maintain a braking device is very important to share with you the following:    Brake system is a key component of the relationship Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers Germany between the people and vehicles, concrete mixers braking system has set up a variety of devices in accordance with reliable, energy and other requirements. The most common are dual-circuit braking system, vacuum brake booster and the like. Most lightweight concrete mixer with hydraulic brake, since it is necessary to use hydraulic lines. Dual-circuit brake system means the system has two separate independent hydraulic brake pipe system, from the role of insurance. Front-wheel drive car to use more general cross diagonally, the front chamber of the brake master cylinder and the right front wheel, left rear brake pipe connected, rear chamber and the left front wheel and right rear wheel brake line interlinked to form a cross "X" shaped diagonal, this advantage is that when there is a failure of the braking system, the other system is still able to carry out a minimum of brake and deviation phenomenon does not occur. The rear-wheel-drive sedan with a load greater use of front and rear brakes are independent of the form that has two sets of brake master cylinder, a front wheel brake control, another set of rear brake control.    Vacuum brake booster as the name suggests is the use of vacuum to pressurized. This device is an assisting device, usually installed in the engine compartment on the dashboard in front of the wall, connected in series between the brake pedal and the brake master cylinder, from the increase in the pedal force, so that motorists effort.    Vacuum brake booster works with the atmospheric pressure difference between the negative pressure produced when using the engine working between turbocharger to force the inner rubber diaphragm to move, push the brake master cylinder piston, in order to mitigate dislikes the brake pedal force. Rubber diaphragm on both sides of the vacuum brake booster internal partition into two cavities, when the brake pedal is not stepped on, the engine intake manifold negative pressure is introduced into the cavity on both sides of the diaphragm, the pressure balance, so increasing Pressure does not work; when riding the brake pedal, joystick make booster rubber diaphragm vacuum port side of the cavity (connecting the engine intake manifold) closed while the open air holes allow outside air to enter, because the pressure chamber is greater than the air pressure in the other chamber, forcing the rubber diaphragm to move and drive the brake master cylinder piston moves, and thus play a supercharging effect; Mobile concrete mixing plants for sale in Germany when not riding the brake pedal, the joystick is reset in the compressed action of the spring, turn off an air hole, the vacuum hole is open, two-chamber gas pressure turbocharger equal, rubber diaphragm reverted to its original position.

Dwell trend toward concrete mixer

Since the autumn, the real estate has entered the peak season, along with concrete mixer market has also ushered in a small peak. Down on the development trend of concrete mixers to talk about: In recent years, concrete mixer market can get rapid development, the state plus the amount of the national policy after the crisis, invest 4 trillion out infrastructure construction, concrete mixers manufacturers market opportunities, production and sales are increasing each year up. In recent years a large mixer manufacturer, make for mixer chassis adjustments and improvements to make more specialized mixer, lightweight, personalized, and this should be combined with tuner and user demand, production of suitable mixer The special chassis. "A heavy truck business related official said that before because the market demand is not and will not be made for chassis adjustment, based on mid-sized manufacturers of basic mixer chassis truck chassis modifications have certain particularity, such as: greater carrying capacity, chassis structure more rational, more elected conversion technology, operating more humane, vehicle weight and lightweight. The current mainstream concrete mixer tank volume is 12 square. This year, significant changes in concrete mixer market is larger tank volume , used to be 8 square, now grown to 10 square, 12 square and 14 side, which is a test chassis carrying capacity. Mobile concrete mixing plants Suppliers The larger tank, chassis strength requirements rotates, the higher needs of enterprises in the chassis design for many Improvement can be seen affected by this trend, concrete mixers chassis must be more professional. Earlier concrete mixer chassis versatility, you need to increase the carrying capacity of research and development for the chassis, in order to ensure better job. "Dongfeng Hercules mixer designers say: If equipped with large capacity tanks, the most important is the chassis of specificity. "He said, Dongfeng Hercules launched a series of mixer special vehicle chassis, in many details the work done, can adapt to the working environment mixer. Overload overrun strengthen the implementation of the policy, so that works for lightweight vehicles (including chassis Tops) become a trend. concrete mixer stirred tank using composite materials, but also can reduce vehicle weight. "a heavy truck business responsible person said. As a concrete mixer transport engineering vehicles, their work environment, and other construction vehicles driving control more or less some differences, in order to make more homemade mixer performance optimization in technology, manufacturers have to rely on mixer design to make more visits market and users.

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