Yeahhhh. ;u; I didnt get to lay down and go to sleep until two. 

Its about nine thirty AM now, and Im just sitting on one of the beds in our hotel room. .3.

Were driving home today, but we still have another stop to make here in New Brunswick first, so Im not 100% sure what time were gonna tet home. :o Which is kind of why Im doing this now, aha. xD

Im borrowing Melissas iPad to write this, actually, because my iPod wont connect to the wifi here at the hotel for some reason? 030 Even though it did when we were here a few days ago. 

Well be leaving here soon though, and Melissa and I are gonna text Dad since we didnt get to last night, so I think Im gonna stop writing here for now. uvu

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though! :D Ill be home then, so hopefully I have the time and energy to talk about my trip then, aha. xD 

Bye guys! ^.^